Fred Delius

Kicking off April with a busy month at Colonnade House, we’re welcoming in lots of new and returning artists.

John Stanley Clamp: Snapshot
Exhibition // 02 – 07 April // 10.00 – 17.00

John Stanley Clamp trained at the West Sussex College of Art and later moved on to study at the Royal College of Art. From there, John had a successful career in the arts from working as the exhibition and window designer at Harrods, joining Kodak as their designer for their exhibitions and windows and moving on to be a Graphic Art Director at the Conran Design Group.

On retirement, under the name of Roxanne, John began teaching life drawing classes to adults that ran for many years. Join John for his week-long exhibition at Colonnade House that offers a snapshot of his life.

Charlie Lee: Out of Isolation
Michael Harbour: Timeless Tides
Exhibition // 02 – 07 April // 10.00 – 17.00

Timeless Tides is a collection of paintings by local artist Michael Harbour. Timeless Tides has a central theme of the earth’s natural element of water and weather and how this relates and interacts with the earth. Timeless Tides will include 20 – 25 pieces that were painted between 2022 and 2023. The medium used in all pieces are oils, either with brushes or palette knives upon various forms of background, often recycled boards or canvases.

The capturing of a moment in time of nature’s elements of the seas, rivers, landscapes and weather is brought together in a semi abstract, and sometimes softly textured style.

Michael Harbour: Timeless Tides
Exhibition // 09 – 21 April // 10.00 – 17.00

The wonderful artists at SOLD Studio invite you to Colonnade House as they showcase their bold, bright and brilliant artworks.

Seven of the SOLD long-term trainees will be showcasing their talents from digital and fine art to photography. As well as original works of art, their unique designs will be available in the form of cards, prints, cushions, mugs and more.

SOLD – Shoreham Opportunities for Learning Differences is a training hub based in the SOLD high street shop in Shoreham-by-Sea. They offer purposeful and meaningful work experience to adults with learning differences in a realistic shop setting.

You can find out more about SOLD and what they get up to by following their Instagram @thesoldshop

Jane Dahill Burst
Fred Delius: Urban Sketching & House Portraits
Exhibition // 09 – 21 April // 10.00 – 17.00

Fred Delius is exhibiting a collection of sketches and paintings made around the streets of his home town of Worthing and the surrounding area. Fred will be demonstrating his approach to urban sketching and will be available to explain his methods and how he uses watercolour and inks to create his artwork.

A painting of the creaky shed shopfront
Glenn Phur Arts – Art for your Home – Art for your Heart
Exhibition // 23 – 28 April // 10.00 – 17.00

Worthing based artist Glenn Phur is at Colonnade House for only one week to showcase his portraiture and landscape work. Finding a feeling, story or image and creating a collection of paintings based around the start point is how he starts each piece. Each collection has its own style and energy, so there is always something new coming from the easel.

With his specialty being portraiture, in this exhibition, you will be able to see a past collection of paintings titled ‘Icons’ that feature famous faces such as Bob Marley, David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe and others. Aside from painting icons, Glenn is also open for commissions where he can create the paintings of your dreams in any subject matter and any style. Rather than having a single source of inspiration, he comes up with small ideas that expand in greater scale throughout his work.

Glenn Phur Arts
Georgina Neal: The Joy of Colour
Exhibition // 23 April – 05 May // 10.00 – 17.00

Georgina Neal is having her first solo exhibition, showcasing an exciting collection of experimental work covering her degree work and beyond. Her work is Abstract with an influence of Acrylic pouring. It’s easy to see two of her favourite artists Pollock and Ian Davaport in the dripping, splashing and flow of the paint.

At the start of her degree course, Georgina Neal had the expectation to become a “proper painter” in all the traditional style, but at the other end of the course she is now an abstract painter with a passion for experimental paint and colour. Georgina loves painting, from every aspect of the developing process, to painting and finally put the work in someone else’s hands to bless their lives with the atmosphere the painting helps to exude in its new home.

Creative Commissions 2023
John Shelley: Surreal or not Surreal
Exhibition // 30 April – 12 May // 10.00 – 17.00

John Shelley, Sussex based artist has been painting since he was a child, having created hundreds of paintings and sketches, which is an indication of not just a hobby, but a compulsion to paint.

John’s medium of choice is oil paint when creating his paintings. When making drawings or sketches, John uses pencil to make his mark. Throughout his exhibition, John will be selling a selection of oil paintings and limited edition prints of his sketches.

In Surreal or not Surreal, John Shelley will be showcasing a selection of original paintings and prints that range from surreal, to sometimes overlapping between surreal and reality.

Creative Commissions 2023

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